Let’s count the virtues of Fashion Milan, starting with the two Vogue Italia cover girls, Magdalena and Adina and then segueing into those catwalk queens Anja Rubik, Marta Berzkalna, and Zosia. The Fashion Milan countdown also features one Top 10 ’07 Newcomer Zuzana and the very fascinating new face Lyoka, which means the booking action is sure to be fast and furious at this model central station in the next two weeks. Stay tuned for the break throughs.

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  1. Ievuci, es nezini vai tu šito lasi arī, bet es gribēju pateikt, ka tu fantastiski izskaties! Es pilnīgi lepojos, ka mēs vienā klasē gājām un es no tevis ķīmijā rakstīju!