IMG S/S 11 IMG show package

The true power of IMG lies in the mass impact their roster of girls hold on the New York market. When a board boasts everything from star models like Lara Stone, Freja and Sasha and fast rising forces like Jac, Miranda, Joan and Julija, then a powerhouse agency such as this one can certainly strip back on the bells and whistles and let girls of that quality walk into the room and speak volumes to a demanding designer or casting director . As such the development team at IMG carefully cultivates the most wanted girls on the market precisely because there is a deep understanding that grabbing the hype is the one thing but confirming the option is the real thing. More than any other agency in this business, an IMG girl is schooled, groomed, prepped and prepared with a passion that borders on the obsessive. That is the real secret behind the back to back seasons of break out stars at IMG and as such girls like Basia, Cole, Linnea, Lily Zhi and Celine stand poised to continue that tradition into SS11. At the end of the day unerring quality control in scouting and development, deep relationships with the power clients of the trade and a strategy of always thinking of the the girl’s career in the long term makes for a proposition that renders IMG still the clear No 1 force in the world of model management.

  1. Joan will totally rock this season out! I can’t wait to see her walk.

  2. Finally one agency gives every ethnic background the chance and opportunity based on POTENTIAL. The package is very diverse and IMG is not afraid to show the world that our world is a variety of ethnicities and cultures. Amazing Job and that is why you are # 1

  3. Did they put every girl in the agency in its package? I mean really some of these girls really don’t do runway anymore, at least not in NYC.

  4. Chanel confirmed that she’s officially with IMG. How come she doesn’t have a card? Does that mean she’s not walking this week?

  5. Amazing IMG! wheres EMMA ISHTA? yay yay Hilary, Erin, Nik. Excited to see megan now that shes with a new better agency with a lighter hair color.

  6. They have sooo many major girls, why do they need to dilute it with girls that are just okay, they should just keep it all major….

  7. OMG CHANEL IMAN IS NOW WITH IMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WELL GOOD LUCK ha ha ha