1. Renee-Germaine van Seggern and Ilona Swagemakers. Fresh faces, flawless walks. Need I say more? Every package needs some dutch girls. They seem to be the formula to succes.

  2. Yes! One of my fave models Ashley Smith and Hye Park will be walking. And also I love the diversity.

  3. Hye Hye Hye! I miss her on the runways. One of the truly underrated models when she was at her peak.

  4. What, no Natalie??? Happy to see Edythe. Hope she has a stellar season!

  5. Wow, I’m really loving Kristine Drinke – she’s otherwordly. Now I get what the buzz is about. One of the best new faces, for sure!

  6. Loving the diversity! glad to see Hye. im rooting for Kristine D and Ty, both so stunning!

  7. We miss Lucci. Need to see more black skin, but good SHOW PACKAGE, not exceeded our expectations. wE love ASHLEY AND ATAUI DENG

  8. what happened with Ty she was assigned with Supreme last season…any how … NYCFW needs more black models not the same black models every season…like come you can’t tell me you can’t find some black models.

  9. ^^^ to the person above, supreme caused a whirlwind for alot of models and bookers. model from all over have moved. i agree about having the same faces, that goes for every race as a matter of fact. wishing Ty and ataui get in there this season! loving Ilona Swagemakers.

  10. ^^^WOW…actually not all races but black models,indian and Asian models are basically represented by the same models very single season or non at all.Which kinda boring but way to go girlies keep the “AWESOME WORK!”

  11. That is true, i didnt say anything against that at all. im agreeing with you, dont know what is so “wow”. i just think that there should be more models put out there period, especially ethnic girls.

  12. She is the Asia girl of JPG campaign. Wow graet to see Emma doing NY show. Hope will be the best for NY show

  13. My “WOW” was for this comment about supreme=”supreme caused a whirlwind for alot of models and bookers. model from all over have moved”…I didn’t know they did that.