1 Model Management S/S 11 Show package

One Management’s show package design aesthetic has become known for its vintage flashbacks updated for digital consumption and the SS11 visual ethos certainly continues that tradition. For SS11 this agency’s cards has the feeling of a poster for the coolest 60’s movie that never was. As such you have to congratulate One for its always clever image-play, especially when built around brand-name value girls like Tasha Tilberg and Tanga Moreau. Beyond that, Nanou and Alicia K stand ready to provide that effortless chic to the better runways. But also laced into these romantic wash of images is a deep drive on One’s part to speed back to the breaking faces sweepstakes. American beauty Mary Cann walks like she was born for those blue chip catwalks and the power and presence of Marcela marks her as a girl who will log probably every major request in NYC. Clients will also want to pay special attention to the etched elegance of Paula as representative of One’s new thrust.

  1. What?? I thought show cards were about the girls. This is a cute idea but it really fails when it comes to what it is all about — presenting your girls.

  2. mary CANn is right! ugh where did they find her? can’t wait to see what she does!

  3. So cool.It’s different but Ich get it! Great art directing.

  4. agree. nice concept. can’t really see the girls. will be hard presenting the package for shows.