Request Model Management NY has patented that oh so cool model with the vibrant personality that clients clamor for season after season. Their stars Arthur Kulkov, David Agbodji, Cole Mohr and Yuri Pleskun exude charisma that make any look they wear on the runway, a must have. Request’s strength however lies in their ability to pull in fantastic new faces, all one of a kind young men with a range of looks perfect for the visionary designers. Look for Janis, Elia Cometti and a slew of other newbies to make S/S 11 an especially exciting season for the board at Request.

  1. New face Erik V is one to watch. This kid has the face, the cool and the walk.

  2. Wowwwwww he is amazing, where is he from?i remember he walks Givenchy in Paris fw!

  3. Great Show Package. Best I’ve ever seen.
    Guys look amazing and love design, especially the way the personalities are able to show through. Like a window into the man.
    Love the photographs. Why isn’t the photographer credited? Who is it???? We’ve got to know!!!

  4. The photograph is Stefani Pappas…she have a amazing talent!!!
    -for Tomas:Brazilian!

  5. The photographer is Stefani Pappas. It’s on the credits page. She’s amazing.

  6. Absolutely brilliant! Genius photography & lovely boys. Good job Request.

  7. Je kiffff bcp cool Vivement Chatassssss mdrrrrr bsx a toi carlito de la Martinique