Women Model Management S/S 11 Show Package

What do you do when your show packages have become so influential, the competition starts to copy you? You remind said competition that they have not convened a board comparable to the beautifully managed models of Women Management . Then you switch up the formatting of your presentation with the kind of high taste that puts amateurs to shame. The concept of the Women show package as part of an on-going series of collector’s items, is still very much in play. Jason Duzansky’s art direction this season moves the box into seriously sophisticated territory by offering the object in a beautiful fetish pink suede. The twisted femininity of that is a very witty fashion in-joke, as the kind of knowing woman who would source such an object, shows up in the suite of cards (again echoing that off shade of pink sashed with the signature olive green that has become a Women trademark) . And just when you got used to a four panel show card, Women SS11 one-ups the structural challenge by offering a six panel card. As a result marquee Women names like Natasha, Iris, Maria Carla, Jamie, Isabeli and Iselin are presented in a perfectly selected series of images that makes an extravaganza of the girl’s editorial profile. To view Jourdan Dunn’s card is to be dazzled by a retinue of stunning images that reminds us this girl is basically inimitable. That is the function of a great show package, to amplify the value of the model in question and Women has clearly become a master of this feat. The other audacious feat is the great care with which this agency introduces its new faces. They number six for SS11 and girls like Kristina, Alejandra and Anabelle are already looking like a part of that formidable tradition at Women where the girls are women, upscale, burnished and polished. For mastery of production values, for its modernization of all that Old School glamour and most of all for the consistency of line of its imagery this Women show package does more than continue a tradition. It makes the best statement about taste and quality of any show package so far this season. Louie Chaban in his understated way has just issued a declaration about the power of innovation tempered by elegance that is going keep these models ultra-coveted.

  1. my fav is Snejana, she looks amazing,I like first pic :-)
    I can’t wait to start NYFW and see what Snej will do..and of course Vlada & Poly – russian mafia will start again :D
    anyway I like this show package, Women is the best!!

  2. Women Model Management has always been an innovative and cutting edge agency, with stunning Top and Supermodels! Being part of this prestigious agency is a honor!

  3. WOW is right…I really don’t have the words to describe the essence of this show package.

  4. Love the case, the girls, most everything, except the six-panel card. Seems excessive.

  5. Lots of great girls. So hard to choose, but I’m really loving FeiFei and Jourdan.
    An Excellent package.

  6. amazing package, but too many photos per girl! fei fei looks so elegant!

  7. love the package. i think a bit too many photos but other than that its awesome!


  8. toni in it? will she have a final “comeback” after short break this season? :)

  9. love to see queen fierce mariacarla!!!!
    but hasn’t she stopped doing new york fash week many seasons ago?

  10. Now this is a nice package. Gorgeous,beautifully edited. Maybe not the most innovative with regards to the overall presentation but it looks and feels good. Great models and spot on choice of images to use. 2 thumbs up!!

  11. Call me fool, but in this bunch of models who am I going to wait most? Auguste Abeliunaite for sure… am I ingenuous if hoping for a definitive quality leap? maybe, especially after last FW… but you know: hope dies the last….
    Btw even if very young (16 ys – and almost 1 month old…), for the way her career became I guess this season is going to be already a huge “watershed” for her. We’ll see. Fingers crossed….


  12. Beautifully executed. Probably the best show package I’ve seen this season. Well done!

  13. Breathtaking bunch of beauties and bemused bombshells! this may well be a coveted castings..from Victoria’s Secret to Brazilians to 90’s supermodels to teen-age one of a kind to Russian stunners to Vogue staples… I could go on and on. Ford girls are on the edge of their seats and I’ve heard castings are much competitive this season!

  14. Women knows to rock the runway! im looking fwd to all of them especially natasha, vlada, bruna, maria carla, toni and of course our new burberry girl Rosie !!!

  15. Agyness is undeniably one of the best…love her and her uniqueness!