Elite New York S/S 11 Show package

When the sexy girl came charging back onto the editorial scene, Elite had the likes of Alessandra and Ana Beatriz at the ready. It is very interesting indeed to see an Elite show package led by those boldface types and add Noemie Lenoir and Michele Alves to the formula and it is clear this board has further plans for the recently revived “womanly” ideal in fashion. That is not to say Elite is short on the ultra-cool girls. Expect serious client frenzy for the services of Caroline Brasch Nielsen and Julia Nobis and if the client advance buzz is to be heeded then Mayya, Maddie and Bambi are Elite girls very much in that top newcomer tradition. All that verifies that the fresh scouting will keep this venerable name in the forefront of the editorial market.

  1. Elite still an iconic agency keeping up to with the times unlike Ford which seems to have lost it

  2. Caroline West’s leg looks badly photoshopped. The package itself is okay but Elite’s girls this season are great.

  3. Alessandra will be a show stopper!! Her picture stands out like no other, I can’t wait for her!!

  4. seriously they’ll just gonna walk they’re not gonna wrestle or dance or sing so why you guy are so exited

  5. yeah i think that would be better if we see models wrestle like alessandra vs ana b that would be a great catfight till death

  6. LMAO @ Irish & garson, i’d like to see that too.. Maybe Coco & Julia could have a dance off ?

  7. Love the mix of established and new models. Looks to be a great season for Elite.

  8. This seems like the perfect season for Elite, and Alessandra is without a doubt leading this pack, can’t wait for the shows!

  9. Can not wait for the Shows! Alessandra will show the new girls how to do it. She was superb in Prada, Giles, Loui Vuitton last season! And this season she ll rule the runway!

  10. a lot of new faces are missing, like emily wake for example. Where is Sheilagh Lichtenfels?

  11. dree, alessandra, hannah, cocoa most likely have booked shows for this ny fashion week. Good luck ali.