1. Love this package!
    some great girls there too…
    Olga never gets old… and I’m hoping Romana does well this season.

  2. This show-package is by far the best one
    the only one that show creativity so far
    NY models; we expect only the best this season

  3. Great show package , i love the concept, the girls in their natural beauty with the glamour of their image in the background. Olga, Patricia, Sigrid and jeneil really stand out. Poster is also a great idea.

    Well done NYMM.

  4. The dutch invasion continues at NY Models, Patricia, Ylonka, Melissa T and now Martine & Myrthe !! These girls are great. i cant wait to see them on the runway.

  5. Great idea… and execution is spot on. Agree with Petey about the images and girls.

  6. Love the package!! Concept is great. Can’t wait to see Jeneil W on the runway

  7. Most cool and exceptionally seriously wonderfully amazingly well executed. The art direction on this is very very new world.This presentation is fabulous, NY models have scored with this. It’s a two thumbs up, two snaps and a circle!! They have taken a risk with design and it works!!
    3 words fan tas tic!

  8. Love love love! How do I see the plexi-glass box?? It sounds amaaaaazing! Love Marcelina here – congrats to New York Models for delivering such a killer show pack this year! No one else could pull this off and it rocks!!

  9. Love these. The typeface for the measurements is super cool–really intuitive design.

  10. Love the concept! Wish I could see the whole tangible package as well. Great job James!

  11. @Realness :

    Justwm : Actually a better Photoshop than this one…
    Come on, no projection over the girls !?

    But WM must be proud to inspire like that lol

  12. Trés magnifique James!! I love the projections, night shots and natural settings……the girls are stunning.

  13. Can’t believe James used the city as a canvas. Real Brave Work! Nice Ads!

  14. Wow beautiful concept!! And Juana Burga and Olga Sherer are stunning!!

  15. Wow. What incredible, innovative ideas from James. Not surprised with his fantastic work, as always

  16. VERY chic and cool! Love the casual glamour conveyed by the shots. The girls look fabulous!

  17. Simply in awe of the talent in the way the creative message was conveyed. Fantastic how grunge is upscaled to a simplistic vibrant cool chic! and thats bloody difficult… just loved the whole process the shoot, the models the energy… one word sums this up STUNNING !!!

  18. so very New York. Love the quote that feeds the creative. Clean type works well against heavy visual. Well done!

  19. Amazing show package, some of the best girls out there .. Love Olga P, saw her at a casting today.. Good job NYMM