Wilhelmina New York S/S 11 Women show package

Half the fun of a Wilhelmina show package is to see the playful concept that will accompany the presentation. Past propositions have included a mirrored box, a bondage theme keep-sake and for SS 11 the Wilhelmina bonus is an agency branded T-shirt. The other half of a Wilhelmina show pack is the excitement of seeing what new girls will be on offer. Keke and Marike have more than racked up their runway mileage which will compel competitive clients to pay special attention to the fresh finds like Chloe, Sonja, Juliana and Hannah. The package photography by Greg Manis gives each of these Wilhelmina girls a kind of unforced cool bound to keep them in the ranks of the top booking newcomers.

  1. Loving the girls this season! but the concept?…whats up with show pkg’s this season, everyone has gone to extreme and forgotten it’s always still about the model…

  2. Sonja looks interesting. Excited to see where her fresh look will take her. Watch this one. I predict this model will go far.

  3. Omyra is everything you need in a model. Such a stunner, versatile with an exotic edge. Sonja is delicate with an soft/romantic edge. The bleached eyebrows do her good.

    Emily, Juliana and Chloe are the standouts. Chloe will probably do Givenchy exclusive, she is the epythome of the brand!

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