1. You can bluntly see where the retoucher edited her eye-bags, giant blurry circles on this girl’s cheeks.

  2. If you look at Victoria Brito’s card. Kelly is also blurry under the eyes.

  3. A lot of lookalikes on this board now and only a few stand outs… some heavy handed photoshopping too…

    Personally loving Victoria (despite the photoshop), Emma, Thaysse, & Chloe C… Paige, Mara, and Sarah are interesting too.

  4. Actual polaroids – what a novel idea! Beautiful photographs of beautiful girls . . . the new girls are gorgeous – I’m loving Alexa (those eyes are mesmerizing) and Sabrina! Good Luck with the Shows!

  5. The blue tint throws me off. LOTS of faces and a few stand out really well (Victoria and the Chloe’s)

  6. Emma stands out the most.. amazing face… she should do very well this season…

  7. Can’t be a more all American girl than Rachel. She is exactly what we need right now.

  8. I hope to see Sessilee in some major shows. That girl has it all. She should be a supermodel by now.

  9. Sessilee and Victoria. That’s about it. The rest either look too demonic or safe.

  10. Why is “Alan” (above comments) on attack mode?! Wow… is it really that serious or are your comments of a personal nature? I think Victoria’s photograph is amazingly beautiful! She has a very original look and I do not see any editing issues (circles, bags or whatever you seem to see). In addition, model, Kelly Gervais is also another beautiful face! She is has a stunningly fresh new look and quite diverse in her appearance (ethnically speaking). I would like to see more of both! Good luck ladies! And Alan…, you need to get a life.

  11. Greg, I have to agree with you…Thaysee is very pretty also. She has a very fresh “youthful” look about her! I like her 2 photographs alot! Good luck, Thaysee!

  12. Thank you for speaking up Greg. Someone needed to tell Alan that. Obviously every agency works extremely hard on there show cards and do not deserve to be bashed about some stuff editing issue that no one else can even see. But everyone in the package is gorgeous; Rachel is absoutly All American and beautiful! I can’t wait to see what else she is going to do..

  13. Chloe looks gorgeous- can’t wait to see her all over the place. What a great look!

  14. Emma Beam looks incredible, she is so beautiful. She’s got all the potential to do well. She’s my favorite of all new girls

  15. Emma shes not new?? she started and fell off so quick. Victoria should do well shes gorgeous!

  16. I see an incredible future for Major Model, keep bringing in all of these lovely fresh faces!