1. anyone else laugh at the girl named So Young. She is a stunner but I mean: come on! Too funny. (Dear So Young: If you read this, please know that I mean no disrespect and I hope you book Marc Jacobs and Vera Wang…Love Mat) ;)

    ps: how young are you?

  2. did they spell tanya d’s last name wrong on her show card??? wow. i’d be pretty pissed off.

  3. Looking forward to the NY debuts of Bo, Fabiana, Pau, and So Young! What a great batch of new girls!!

  4. I think Gwen Loos is going to be huge this season. She had a great couture and resort season. Bo Don is going to be huge as well i think, she looks fantastic. Constance, Liu and hopefully Eniko and Tanya will continue their good works.

  5. I love this package. Stunning as always. MARILYN KNOWS WHAT THEY ARE DOING. Good luck!!!!
    You guys are amazing and we can see it.

  6. I can’t wait to see what shows Simona Andrejic walk :))) I like her show card, looks amazing

  7. I see that it is written ” available by special arrangement” under Eniko’s, Adriana’s and Arlenis’ picture. What does it mean????

  8. adriana, constance, arlenis, and so young. amazing girls. the “available by special arrangement” probably means that the specified girls really aren’t full on available for fashion week (the girls are probably traveling, shooting alot at the moment) but if a top designer wants to book them then an arrangement can be made for the girl to be in the show following that the girl isn’t booked out for a big job.

  9. Thanks for the answer but to be honest i’m not happy with that, because it means the Eniko won’t do many shows, like she didn’t do past season.:(

  10. I also believe PAU IS AMAZING.
    I had the chance to work with her not long ago, and she certainly rocks. Legs to die for and a super fresh and upgoing personality.
    Keep an eye on her, she’d be great for Rodarte, Wu, Wang, CK and MJ. Let’s hope I’m right.

  11. So Young!! she is great! Good luck So Young.
    I really hope I can see you many shows^^