Factor Women‘s S/S 11 Show Package is plastic fantastic! The quirky cards present Factor’s well edited lineup of beautiful girls in an cheerful and colorful manner. The accompanying video by director Race Willard, is as upbeat and mod as the cards themselves and only serves to add to the spirit of fun Factor has brought to their package. Add to this the fact that each girl, from flame haired Rose, to one of a kind find, Kel, has her own unique brand of beauty.

  1. Really… It takes an Chicago agency to get it right in NYC. Wow. BRAVO! Something new fresh and out of the box.

  2. This package is not doing anything for me. last year package was sooo much better. The girls were more expensive and they had the “it” factor.

  3. I don’t like it. The shots make the girls look cheap as if they belong on Model Mayhem or in editorials for small town fashion magazines, not on the runways of New York City.