1. The black girls (Gabriella, Hawa, Naoumie) in this aqency are perfection!! Gabriella is beautiful enough to be a VS Angel!! hope they get booked

  2. I agree with Josh. Gabriella, Hawa, and Naoumie are just slammin’ and they stand out in this package. I really hope they do well.

  3. Sensational drama! So sensitive, we at Mercura Sunglasses love this pick with our floral blocker frames, and Naouomie is such a beauty!
    Thank you for the image!

  4. Great package! Really love some of the new faces, Hawa and Natalia should do very well.

  5. Anyone ever tend to realize that all the really beautiful girls tend to be named some type of naomi?! lol! there’s naomi campbell and noemie lenoir. and let me tell you, this naoumie ain’t no different! beautiful girl! wish her the best this season.