Look no further than Fashion to find some of the sleekest faces of the new generation. Bolstered by runway kings Casey Taylor and Reid Prebenda, the two lead a pack of contenders, many of whom are destined to walk the best catwalks. Look for Isaac Carew, James Smith and Taras Koltun, with a season or 2 under their belts, to really break out this June. Three to keep an eye on? Frans, Harald and Xoan, all uniquely beautiful. What a plethora of incredible choices for the casting directors out there here at Fashion.

  1. All about Eddie and Isaac for me.

    Eddie is AMAZING!!!

    And so glad Isaac is now with Fashion.

    My favourite boys at Milan’s best agency.

  2. i love the love for Eddie Wrey he gets hotter each season, he’ll have a hard time topping Jan but here’s hoping

  3. C’est le message d’un frankly
    Tu est tout le sud !C’est ce charme que je respire en toi…

  4. I love David Horney :)) Swim with him during the winter, he’s amazing !