1. I <3 RENE! and can’t wait to see zakaria on the runway!
    nice group of boys ;)

  2. tacky show cards, and too many models in the package, but theres a few thats cool

  3. loveeee adrian c!!!! brand new face im sure he will do amazing!
    i wanna see him in d&G!!!!

  4. gabriel b he has so good face .. too bad he is not so muscle boy .. he can do better if he get bigger … but i like so much him and vladimir ivanov … really nice

  5. that 230 is just the half of it coz there are 2 pictures from each model, but you were right!
    It is also too much…

  6. Pedro Frizon is the most stunning brazilian guy from the package..
    great face.. cool look! wanna see him rockin’ the runaways @

  7. great idea for a theme for the showpack, but such a poor execution. graphically it is ugly and tacky as someone else said.

  8. EZEEEEEEE!!!!!! jejee arriba amigoo! hasta publicidad de mundial haces grosoo! estan como locas las chiks x lo q logro entender jaja!besoo y toda la suerteee! =)

  9. Love,Love,Love Alexander K. he is in the new stone island campaign looking GORGEOUS <3