Major Paris is a fitting moniker and home for some of the hottest editorial stars of today. From Adrian Wlodarski and Benoni Loos to River Viiperi and Paolo Roldan, Major has a fascinating mixture of must book runway men. Watch out for Dan Kling to make a big splash as well as rising stars Gabriel Gronvik, Oskar Landstrom and Eric Anderson. Danny Hoggins and Antoine are 2 of the brand new faces we’re keeping a close eye on. Casting directors are sure to be excited by this “major” lineup.

  1. wow…so far the coolest and newest showpackage for next season!!!!

  2. Cool. James Sorrentino is going. I heard he wasn’t gonna be in Paris this season. He ROCKS!!!

  3. I think that Dan Kling is missing an important aspect; He do not have the perfect line in his face. I think that he can get a big breaktrough this year!

  4. CALLATE MALDITO his nose is perfect you pendejo his absolutly self is amazing because he is my POLLITO!!!