Paris Fashion Week sets the trends for menswear and the men of Ford Models Europe set the standard for male models. With a lineup that includes in demand guys like Simon Nessman, Mathias Bergh, Francisco Lachowski and Abiah Hostvedt, Ford is certain to have a major presence on the runways this season. For casting directors in search of the latest and greatest, should take a look at new faces like the striking Sylvester Henricksen and Johannes Niermann, these boys have first option written all over them.

  1. hello , is a nice site , and i like from this post , all guys , i love abiah and mathias lauridsen , and new faces gabriel Bradi is nice , nice day byeeee

  2. simon nessman, philip h, mathias, and vladimir ivanov. outstanding beauties.

  3. gabriel me mande noticias, ah nao aguento mais sua mae, rsrsrss , adorei o video tambem obrigado , e sucesso na semana de moda de Paris.

  4. Wait what? When did Ryan Taylor switch to Ford? Oh well, good luck to him this season.

    Definitely can’t wait to see Simon (so happy to see a BC native do so well in the fashion industry).

  5. Die Besten Bilder sind noch nicht gemacht worden,ich mache sie
    etwas besser,im Angesicht von Widrigkeiten.