SS08: Men Part 2 “Top Newcomers”

SS08: Top 10 Runway Newcomers (alphabetical order)

If the runways are the filters for the next generation of blue chip male models, then there are 10 fresh new faces who hold the promise of tomorrow. Though several of these models have held show exclusives before, SS08 was clearly their breakout moment.

Adrian (Ford NY, Ford Europe, photo courtesy of 2pm Denmark)
Blaine Cook (Major- NY)
Cole Mohr (Request-NY)
Julien Sabaud (VNY-NY, Ford Europe)
Mikhail Severe (NY Models-NY)
Nicholas Chabot (IMG-NY, Success-Paris)
Sean Harju (Major-NY )
Taylor Fuchs (IMG-NY, Success-Paris)
Tom Warren (Ford-NY, photo courtesy of Models 1-London)
Trent Kendrick (Red-NY)

We especially love Blaine, Julien, Tom and Trent as former MDC MOTW’s.

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