Ford Models Europe F/W 10 Women Show Package is a thing of beauty. The minimalist cards showcase their models at their finest and display only the most pertinent information. It certainly doesn’t hurt that the elegant package features stunners like Emma Maclaren, Christina Carey and Edythe Hughes, these beauties and all the girls of Ford are sure to be found on the best catwalks of Paris.

  1. thats is plain and boring, where are the black girls? where is Jeneil Williams?

    Hope she got with another agenyc

  2. I love it, you have a lot of great new faces! well done.
    So Class!
    So Chic!
    so Ford!

  3. I LOVE it,
    You’ve got a lot of great New Faces!
    Well done!

    Soooo chic
    Soooo Class
    Soooo Foooooooooord

  4. kat doll was on america’s next top model. i dont think they will be pushing her for these shows..

  5. Carolyn is MAJOR… absolutely beautiful, one of a kind, and so charming. Definitely looking forward to seeing her!!