d’management group F/W 10 Show Package

d’Management Group has accomplished something rarely seen: in a time when the industry is flooded with models, they have distilled their group of faces to their most pristine. Of the 13 d’Management beauties, you are either a recognized force on the runway or you are one of the models with the most buzz happening right now. Basta. What do we say? Bravo!

  1. Charlene and Jacquelyn Jablonski are with Elite MILAN. It also explains since Chanel and Lakshmi are already big names in the fashion industry so they belong to this group.

  2. Yes quality not quantity.
    Does someone know what shows Chanel Iman & Lakshmi Menon are booked.

  3. Lakshmi and Tasha are my two favourite models ever! I really hope to see her doing well in Milan!!! *fingers crossed*

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