1. Great faces… Lindsey Hoover’s card very powerful. Hope she does as well in Milan as she did in NY. She rocked NY with 17 or so shows!

  2. Posted above in wrong area and forgot to mention Georgia (see comments under Next’s show package.

  3. Lana P is such a fresh new face. Saw her do Halston for NYC, just gorgeous. Looking forward to see her do the Paris shows. Well done WM!

  4. Rahma’s doing Paris???

    About time. Missed her in NYC this year but she was looking AMAZING, as usual, in London.

    Can’t wait to see her in the fashion capital.

    WM have great taste.

    LOVE HER!!!

  5. nothing more amazing than Rahma !!
    everyone loves her.. beautiful face , body and her walk !!
    go go go !!!

  6. Congratulation to all WM team ! models are stunning and design really innovative. Just love it !