Marilyn Model Mgmt F/W 10 Show Package

Flanked by two abstract illustrations , Marilyn’s FW 10 show package draws on the formal elegance of the design tradition forged by the likes of Brodovitch where a beautifully cropped photograph is everything in messaging your taste point. And what might that new message be? Frankly it is that the aesthetic intrinsic to Marilyn, one that celebrates the power of a woman’s beauty, stands as an even more vital aspect of the company’s identity than ever before. From the grace of Liu Wen to the piercing strength of Constance, the luxurious womanhood of Eniko to the individualistic cool of Lindsey Wixson these beautifully edited cards of the young ladies of Marilyn provide a modern ideal of classic beauty. Under the current guidance of Chris Gay, Marilyn has recontextualized itself in a very determined way to engage in direct dialogue with those power clients who want that classic ideal powering their runways, editorials and campaigns. Marilyn’s scouting has become a text-book case of dexterity and resourcefulness over the years and it is really intriguing to watch the way that great faculty has been converted into lucrative and consistent booking for those in demand faces. As such this new faces board is going to be a center of attention for all those directional casting directors hunting for a breakthrough and girls like Chantal, Alisa, Tetyana, Josefin and Christina will find themselves marked off for those blue chip assignments. At the end of the day it is the ability to draw that very directed attention that is the key imperative of all this beautiful imagery. That is something Marilyn masters this season.