1. What, no Suvi card? I thought Next was gonna do great things for her. lol

  2. Simplicity at it’s best. I just love it when an agency’s focus is on their girls. That’s probably why NEXT is soooo good at what they do and their scouting is unbelievable. Case in point, new face Lindsey will surely rock the runways and editorials (love her – think Calvin!). Georgia, mmm. Love Charlotte, too. And, on an on… they have a great show package.

  3. Karlie ( I Karlie) Kloss i love this model, one of the best fresh faces that walk the runway.. I’m so happy that shes doing great
    she will be one the best in this industry…
    runway weekly

  4. Sad not to see Kendra……I agree about Kelsey,great things to come for her I hope!

  5. Where’s Myf & Suvi?? Was looking forward to seeing them this season.. Especially after Myf disappeared last season in Europe! Love Shu Pei, Abbey Lee, Valerija, Imogen & Katie!

  6. LOVE LINDSEY – Agree with Paige she will rock the runways. Great new face!

  7. I’m absolutely in love with Tati. Evere since she started, she amused me. She’s gonna be huge! I hope to se her in many shows this season.

  8. Great package from Next, Marina J looks amazing, stunning card! beso bella