Trump Management F/W 10 Show Package

In a bold bid for “show package of the New York season” Trump Management has produced a statement that will most likely pull the industry’s power brokers to full attention. Packaged as a full scale magazine ( 17″ X 12″) Trump FW 10 amplifies the imagery on the agency’s 19 girls to full editorial scale, offering 8 panels per girl. This gives each model a lavish, expansive space for self- presentation, in essence pre-forwarding clients the effect of scanning the model’s book at a go-see. The innovation of that and the deep level of commitment evidenced by the production quality of “Trump” sends a message of passion, renewal, creativity and the willingness to keep the agency competitive on every relevant level of this business. You have to admire that thrust and casting directors worried about building a wall from an over sized magazine will be assured by the full pack of black and white cards assembled at the back of the magazine. The great creatives of the industry are always inclined to reward a gesture of innovation and passion and as such that new ridge of Trump talent ( led by the sensational Nicole, Michelle,Lucci and Georgie) stand ready to be reap a boom of FW 10 bookings.Being a maverick is always a challenging position to battle from but maintaining that position with integrity and grace as Trump does is beautiful to witness.

  1. Holy cannoli! I’ll be interested to see how Ashley Smith is received…

  2. Congratulations are amazing Model’s. This is a great job. Wooow NICOLE and LUCCI are gorgeous.

  3. Nice show package. Trump put a lot of effort into showcasing the models. Great new girls. Especially loving Natalie!

  4. Ataui s simply a star… i shot with her 11 looks story n we made it in 300 shots.. i wish her all.. n what TRUMP did s really one the best presentation ever done …u dont need to try to hard as Supreme when u r confident as they r…amazing job guys