Ford Models Men, one of the few agencies in the world that have instant brand name recognition, consistently delights clients with their tenacious scouting system that spans the physical and cyber world. Some of the most memorable faces in recent memory have come out of these hallowed halls. It’s a testament to the strength of the Ford team however that this scouting translates to models with longevity. V Man winners AJ Abualrub, Aiden Andrews and Petey Wright are already familiar to the blue chip powerhouses, while Christian Brylle, Ethan James Green and Isaac Carew add an editorial edge. Their new generation? With faces like Briane Hatcher, Paolo Anchisi, Francisco Lachowski, Max Motta and V Man winner Rico Nieves on board, it looks like Ford will again be a formidable force on the runways of New York.

  1. Cute and young 15? HE is not a man yet…but he will be in a few years…

  2. he looks like Johnny Depp…very promising make him look a man pls not a girl…

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