In the decade since Request Model Management NY opened, clients know that the young men from here always come with the coolest street cred around. What’s been fascinating to see is that instead of becoming mainstream with faces that all look the same, the agency has been a major force in making their charismatic models the center of the most coveted campaigns in the business. If you want vanilla and uninspiring, then this is not the agency for you. Instead, some of the most dynamic personalities in the industry are here; everyone from established faces likeArthur Kulkov to Cole Mohr to the new generation of Clinton Weber, David Agbodji, Jethro Cave and Yuri Pleskun. Look for up and coming faces like Aleksander, Eduardo, Kevin and Robert Joseph to round out this exciting board.

  1. i live for request they give you total urban chic mixed with mainstream campaign models.
    total definition of model makers.

  2. Re-Quest Rock. They have the best casting of any agency I know. Every season the hottest boys.
    The rest cant keep up.

  3. I really like this boutique agency. They have held up for a decade and accomplished great things and discovering great raw talent. They have had their times and couldnt be more proud of them in this moment. They are having a nice season and its well deserved.
    Wishing you a great fashion season and admiration for hard work.
    oh, and great work on Emily!! she is truely a new accomplished face and goes to show they can do it all.