1. nice. almost every guy here is gr8. theres only 1 every other 10 guys at other agencies. keep it up!

  2. Where is Keri Degman? he is one of their biggest stars, and Terron is always great…. You are right Chad is Iconic, wish he was still hitting up all the runways in Milan, we miss him over there.

  3. Yes… bringing out the healthier male models.

    Brilliant and diverse line-up.

  4. in love with simon and chad. two very beautiful men. simon is of course the new eye candy and chad is just iconic. cant wait to see how these two handsome guys will do this season. so gorgeous. same question, where is keri? keri along with simon are so hot right now.

  5. kerry? the guy is a good dude but he’s short. he doesnt do runway and this is a SHOW package. granted he could do campaigns, shoots. etc but runway? lol.

  6. gaaaaaaah !!!!!!!! <3 joan pedrola…
    he manages to make me squeel like a love struck swine….

  7. Simon, sean, joan & river!! i love them!! i can’t wait to see how this season goes for them! specially for joan and river! i haven’t seen river yet! and i have heard something aboout been exclusive for CK so i’m very excited and joan has done great in europe! i hope he keeps the hard work going! …



  8. Wow, Major’s guys are stunning! Kerri Degman is way too short for shows. He is like 5’8! I think he got lucky with Armani Exchange. Simon Nessman is gorgeous!