Women Direct F/W 10 Show Package

As a third platform for the Women/Supreme group in New York, Women Direct has certainly proved its chops in the past few season. Take Alla for instance. As the definition of top standard, blue chip and coveted on every catwalk, that girl is proof enough that Women Direct has been able to forge a path onto the market. Add Bregje and Ieva to that formula and the value of this board in the booking war hits maximum value. New faces like Lena, Irina D and Olga S will be very exciting to watch this season but the greater excitement will be in watching Women Direct continue to strengthen its identity along the path blazed by all this promise.

  1. Pretty!
    Gorgeous Alla, Bregje and Ieva!!!
    Alana,Katya,Svieta are my favorites, hope they’ll get a lot of shows this season!

    BTW, where is Anastasia K?

  2. Love the package. The girls keep getting better and better and this package is cooler than last season’s package.
    Women Direct looks like it’s found its voice.

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