Major Model Management F/W 10 Women Show Package

How can you tell that an agency is ready to take off the gloves and throw down full throttle in the New York show market? A tight, sleek, beautifully graphic show package is one such signal to casting directors and Major for Fall 2010 is making it clear that they are ready to play the whole game on a new level. Wittily mocked up as a magazine cover, the Major show cards use bold blasts of red typography to sell the faces of their stars like Sessilee even as they bracket exhilarating newcomers like Alexandrina, Zhang and Olga. Last season New York opened up its exclusive cabines to those hungrier maverick shops that have always been crowded out by the big power brokers. This season one gets a sense that this trend of casting rigorously everywhere is going to hold steady and this agency has beautifully positioned itself to capitalize on that opportunity. Passion, emotion and ambition are all the variables a driven agent needs to break a new star and the buzz is crackling for Major that there is indeed a very special new star nestled in these cards. The game is on!

  1. YEAH MAJOR !! Best card design award goes to you.
    I look forward to you knocking down doors.

  2. Laura Scott is one of the coolest girls – we’ve worked together a couple times and on top of her gorgeous look she’s a real down to earth chick. i hope she gets every runway show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!