After almost 3 decades in the business, Click continues to push the boundaries representing faces who appeal across the spectrum. Some of the most fascinating new faces have come out of this board recently with Emil Dostovic and Jonathan Marquez repeating their exclusive turns for a certain directional Parisian brand. Garrett Neff‘s timeless and iconic beauty, Tanner Tillung‘s energetic spirit, and Cole‘s ginger tresses are just a few of the reasons to keep coming back to this venerable shop.

01 Garrett Neff
Garrett Neff
02 Emil
03 Parker
04 Jarrett Moreland
Jarrett Moreland

05 Jeff Kline
Jeff Kline
06 Russell Giardina
Russell Giardina
07 Cameron Bailey
Cameron Bailey
08 Eduardo Ramos
Eduardo Ramos
09 Sterling
10 Cole Giordino
Cole Giordino
11 Lee Howell
Lee Howell
12 Jhanelle
13 Thomas Ottevaere
Thomas Ottevaere
14 James Besteman
James Besteman
15 Jonathan Marquez
Jonathan Marquez
16 Luke Lysdahl
Luke Lysdahl
17 Brandon Christopher
Brandon Christopher
18 Nick Billings
Nick Billings
19 Tanner Tillung
Tanner Tillung

  1. Sterling and Jhanelle, my faves of the pack.
    Have a great season to you all guys.

  2. He comes from good “stock”…Sicilian and Sweedish…perfect combination!

  3. That is my brother haha and no he comes from alabama. hartselle at that. kids a pro