1. I can be a total bitch sometimes with my comments. I have my moments were I am soft minded and I have to say that this package is not bad. The girls will do some shows this
    season. Good luck guys!!!!!!

  2. I have to admit that im surprised with the models.
    They look really cool and special. There are some true gems here!!!!!!!
    Way to go RED!!!!!!
    Really good scouting.

  3. i usually don’t think african girls look good, but she’s a stunner. and she doesn’t even look americanized.

  4. I’m So RED. I had a wonderful time working with some of the girls at Red model. As you can see my student nykhor will blaze the catwalk this season giving the rest of the runway models something to look for.

    Im Happy for Red models and my girls i coach. Keep blazing the runway.

    Alva Page
    Runway Coach