Synonymous with the modern day male model icon, Wilhelmina retains a roster of faces that is familiar to all the blue chip clients. What’s especially exciting right now for this high profile agency is a concentrated effort to build the next generation of superstars. Ben Hill, Jacques Naude, Ryan Kennedy and Vladimir Ivanov have reaped the rewards of this labor, enjoying high profile seasons of late. Popular European runway stars Armando Cabral, Mathias Bergh and Jonas Kesseler add a cosmopolitan touch, while new faces like Diego Kraus, Grayson Gettys and Lino are assuredly perfect additions to this lineup of runway ready men.

  1. What exactly is the definition of the modern day male model icon?

    IS that different that the modern day male icon?

    This sounds like what is being called the Neosexual man.

  2. Mathias Bergh is such a stunner, love his classic features. And Jonas Kesseler’s face is just one of a kind.