1. yes! you can tell what they look like this season. Last season the Avedon made them all look the same…

  2. Sydney definitely has that something special. I can see her ruling the KCD camp and being a Russell Marsh girl. Isabella is gorgeous too.

  3. Interesting concept, but what’s happening on the back of the card? Is that a sketch based on a picture of the model or just the model’s head plopped on some 1960s clip art? Don’t get me wrong, I think the overall concept is rich, but I would like to actually see a body shot of the model.

  4. Oh , My Tasha! How I missed you last season! Hope she’ll show up somewhere this season!!! *fingers crossed*

  5. Absolutely GORGEOUS! Out of all the packages that come out every season, I always look forward to Supreme’s and 1’s. But in the end, 1’s hands down always seem to have the edge. They’ve GOT IT! Amazing package! Looking forward to seeing Sydney, Tanga and Ymre!

  6. Simple retro design. Do agree with NIGHTGOAT about the body shot though…

  7. I love the look of the girls at one. So timeless, yet very unique! Real beautiful girls!So nice to see an agency that doesn’t conform, setting their own path for beauty and style. Can’t wait to see who makes it big out of there next! :)