1. Everyone heard Charlene’s catwalk is fierce. She will definitely book shows at New York Fashion Week! Go Charlene!

  2. OMG is that Charlene Supermodel Philippines Winner??!!! Wow! I’m impressed!

  3. Charlene is off the hook! Have you seen her catwalk? Amazing girl!

  4. Ford has a killer line up Chanel,Jacquelyn, lakshmi and hyoni and my NEW FAV CICI ALI!!! best new face not only a stunner but has the fiercest walk to match.

  5. go charlene, lets rock en roll… gotta all the luck in you… yesss,,, your the besttt…we love yah…

  6. wow charlene,,, lets rock en roll, got the eyes on you…seems your being beauty and great all day long,,,love ya..

  7. wow Ford’s board is packed with amazing girls! In love with Lucia,Charlene and Cici. best of luck ;)

  8. charlene, you’re such a nice girl, don’t ever change,you are so beautiful inside and out,your country is very proud of you…show them how great and talented you are in the runway…we love you,go philippines…

  9. charlene,i’ve seen your catwalk on the runway before and i’m very impress,there is no doubt with regards to your accomplishment in your modelling career,you are truly a winner, you deserve the best, go chat.. love ya…

  10. you’re such a nice girl…impressive…go charlene…a.k.a. //chat d cutty//from the land of the friendliest people,,,philippines…

  11. uhmm, by the way, thanks to ford models management… we have now an idea about fashion, i do some walk and act like a model, well nothing comes out, it,s a talent and gods gift,well “charlene” you’re such a lucky girl..go ahead nurtured your talent and love your career..

  12. hello,fordmodels,i thought you are very busy now,new york fashion week is just a days to come,hey “charlene”,can’t get in touch with you,you’re always on the run,you’re so energetic huh…more show… godbless and goodluck to you and fordmodels management…

  13. you know chatty,i’m deadly in love the way you perform on the runway,,miss you here in the philippines..

  14. wow fordmodels management,you have a full cast of beautiful and talented girl,so georgeous,superb and worldclass………..hi charlene….i’m your avid fan….

  15. new york fashion week,here we come,,,yeheyy…go go go fordmodels…go charlene…… were very proud of you…..

  16. waiting so long for the new york fashion week,,,at least, only days for the true reality show of talented and beatiful girl in the planet,,,girlll….. i truly miss this event, its news and publications…whoahhhh…

  17. you’re such a wonderful girl,like a flower always blooming, go ahead charlene,,, and fly like an eagle above the sky… you can reach your dream and success…

  18. fordmodels management,,,pls post more photos,news and information of your new batch of talents and beautiful models,especially their activities on NY F/W 10,miss you charlene…

  19. everything is in your hands now charlene be strong, be confident, god bless you and good luck!!!

  20. hello fordmodels, i thought you’re starting to do your work as a model,(day 1 NY F/W 10) goodluck and godbless to all,do your best… charlene…

  21. Go CHARLENE. Truly world class. Can be sharp and sweet at the same time. Distinctively Asian with full lips! With a twig for a frame really suited for high fashion. Best of luck to you. God bless!

  22. wow charlene,,,, your on the road to stardom… keep up the good work, love you….yahooooooooooooooo

  23. wow charlene,great show huh,,,,,you,re such nice girl,know that,, your face can do anything and everything, sometimes you look like an asian,american,latina,african,as in all,,ohhwoo just everything will do and even all items you endorse will fit and you can carry nice and easy,,, you’re great,,,love yahh

  24. wow, what a show,,,yes,truly saleable,,,,,,,,,charlene,good personality (inside and outside),,,great product endorser,,, she will be your lucky charm,,yessss,you are the blessed one,,take good care chatty,,,

  25. I bet all these comments are from Charlene.. haha. weird how almost every comment is the same thing.. and the most on Ford’s packages.

  26. Where is tayane leao? Where is Jeanne Johnston? Both did incredible editorials over the summer and Jeanne landed Harpers Bazaar… Seems strange that girls of this caliber aren’t in the show package

  27. Also where is Bruna and Clara Buchannan? This is strange are they no longer with Ford?

  28. I can’t speak for the others but Jeanne Johnston is now on the IMG new york development board,, hope that helps

  29. jeanne to img…
    clara – gone – not in ny agency
    still many changes last week and future weeks
    stronger ford most certainly

  30. Ford should of worked on cultivating the gems they had insted of signing every would be model in sight… Probably the reason so many heads rolled; Clara was stunning, Jeanne will go farther with IMG then Ford could of ever taken her she has 2 major covers and a campaign under her belt already the girl is flawless and still I ask,
    where is Tayane? The girl is a star, Too bad she had to start her career with Ford.

  31. Ford is THE Modelagency of the world for me .
    I have the impression , that they really take care for people and their modells , are helpfull and with easy sccessoires , they enrich a situation .
    No question is silly , but they are taking it seriously , if it is cellulite or a pimple, or to make more self-confident and performing something in a professional way .
    A up situation .
    Yet , I would prefer to be caoch , or add desiger , or presentaionist .
    If I would do a comercial it would be ok .
    Young girls I would recommend Ford , as they really take care .