1. Who’s Martine ? she looks great.. Love these cards, so sleek and polished.

  2. Beautiful package, i love the polished look versus the natural raw beauty of the polaroids, Great job.

  3. Jeneil’s skin is flawless, love her.. with that LOVE cover she is going to sky rocket this season..

  4. Great selection of girls, such diverse beauties, stunning photography and styling, A+ New york Models.

  5. Love Yulia T, such a face & who is Robin ?? Glad to see Sigrid is back doing shows. This is a great show pack.

  6. Shelby Benson…WOW!!! incredible face…glad to see Sigrid back. Gorgeous pack! Well done!

    Are Shelby B. and Robin F. new, anyone have info on them??
    I’m in love! They pose the best, so frickin’ weird since I’ve never seen them before and the other girls are popular picks, but they look boring to me. Those two better get campaigns I want to see more :)

  8. I like the fact they have 2 different styles of cards, variety is a good thing!
    Beautiful concept and super execution! Love ’em!!!!

  9. Very, very polished and love the interesting looks, very outside the box on these. Robin & Shelby… I don’t recognize them, they are beautiful; Shelby has a great look and intense eyes. Love to see the always beautiful Sigrid back. Love Kiki, love all the girls on these cards, very nice job NYM!

  10. Im in LOVE with Shelby!!! WHere did she come from??! SHES AMAAAZING!
    well done NYM!

  11. So happy to see that New York Models’ showcard is amazing this season. The agency is definitely working it’s way to the top!

  12. Some black models arrive, some black models will leave but Kinee, she is simply the one!

  13. Whats the difference between the polaroid showcards at the lower portion??