1. Only ONE model of color, I thought times have changed since my time in industry in the early eighties.

  2. To David Cleveland – I don’t know what you consider color but I counted four: Tiago Santos, Robert Joseph, Rene Rodriguez and Luis Borges.. I suppose it’s all relative but I would think that you mean models that are non-white, it’s still not a lot considering how many cards there are.

  3. …Daniel Sune is like a fresher version of the sublime Jon Kortajarena.
    Stunning face.

  4. hy everyone … i think the new face gabriel bradiceanu is gonna be the best .. he gonna rise like a star … i sow him in moncler show and others and he it’s good … i wish to him good luck .. and .. .njoy milan .. u are the best for me … new mathias lauridsen … hugs models.com keep like that :) …

  5. gabriel bradiceanu .. is the new face .. he is the best …. i wish to him to be dare where he sopose to be .. mathias L ….. follow me :)

  6. Tobias, Julian and Tomek…
    hope those three rock it have worked with all three beautiful, nice and amazing boys…

    merry Xmas MDC

  7. Beck B is so sexy…love love love is hair! Him and Julian are from the same agency..City i believe? I think the stunning Nate gill is with them too..

    hmmm what a nice trio

  8. I’m glad to see someone who has similar features to mine, booking jobs! I have been traveling, visiting/ submited to just about every agency, I have been rejected by every agency in Europe, and back home in NY! Great Job Thiago!

  9. i hate when there is no asian face… if they have asian, he doesn’t have asian face… why? they shouuld think GLOBAL

  10. adrian cardosooo!! so sad his season was no great! i see so much potential in that baby face cutiee!!! heard he just shot the theory camapaign!! so hapyy for him!