1. Oh my God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It´s soooooooo cute and smart!!!
    Caroline and Debora`s pictures are perfect.

  2. Sono veramente impresisonata con la creativita di questa agenzia…
    poi, c´´e da dire… che bello vedere le modelle che amiamo cosi tanto da quando erano piccole… Bravi!!! veramente bravi!!!!

  3. The best package I’ve ever seen! Big idea and wonderful models.

  4. Caroline’s picture is so cute. She almost looks exactly the same. Andr’s looks like a cologne ad and Vanessas looks like an editorial.

  5. Whoa, this is one of the best ideas for a show package I’ve ever seen! About time! Congrats Way, I think people will love this. PS- Carol T is justt adorable!

  6. Such a great idea! Lucas’ child photo just puts a smile on my face. Now I’m curious as to what my children will look like when they’re older.

  7. OMG!!! Is this exist?
    I’m in shock!
    Congratulation Way, this is just amazing…
    I love Caroline T card.


  8. Que lindo, muita criatividade, acho que foi a primeira vez que vi algo tao bonito assim.
    Vocês se superaram. Mais um ponto pro Brasil.


  9. parabéns…coisa mais linda…ideia brilhante….é um orgulho ser amigo de vcs da way!
    beijos mil!!!

  10. Simplemente la cosa más hermosa que ya pudo ver en la moda mundial!!!
    Me gustaria saber quién es el genio que tuvo la idea más brillante de todos los tiempos…
    Amo Way!

  11. Way Model mas uma vez PARABENS pelo trabalho realmente voces sao o number 1!!! Arrasammmmmmmmmmmm!!!!

  12. sooooooooo cute and funny!!!!this wil be the most interesting package ever!wonderful

  13. PARABENS Way!!

    Ano que vem eu kum ajuda de Deus

    ainda vou entrar no casting da Way!!!

  14. This is so neat!!! Brilliant idea and one that I’m sure not many in the industry would have thought to put into action.

  15. This is the best Show Package EVER!!!!

    Take notice Supreme. Sometimes less is more.

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