Angela Lindvall now has a wax figure in Paris

Angela Lindvall with her wax figure at Museum Grévin, image from courtesy of Grévin Paris

If you want to highlight fashion’s emblematic icons, namely supermodels in the truest sense of the word, there are few better names to start with than Angela Lindvall. Her name has been a stalwart of the newsstands since her career began in the 90s and crescendoed during the height of supermodeldom. This is exactly the resume–one decorated with twenty-years of achievements–Paris’ Musée Grévin was looking for when deciding who next to induct into their doors as a wax figure, joining the likes of Jean Paul Gaultier, Naomi Campbell and Cara Delevingne. “The genesis of the project started when the Museum Grévin asked my friend Krysle Lip to redesign their most celebrated room, The Hall of Mirrors. He introduced me to the museum and after a meeting they asked me to be included in their wax museum,” said Lindvall of being immortalized in wax. The museum debuted “Angela” last night at an event celebrating the model, “I am deeply honored to be a part of the museum and to be honored for my 20 year anniversary in this business is incredibly meaningful,” said the Topanga Canyon-living model and now mother and Kundalini yoga teacher.

image from @angelalindvall

Creating the wax sculpture means a long, painstaking process of 3D imaging, molds and replicating features like eyes and hair. “The designer had to place each hair one by one!” she explains. Beyond the superficial, Angela wanted to dress herself in a meaningful way in order to make it an extension of her own ethos: supporting sustainability, conscious consumerism and human consciousness. “I’ve included my jewelry collaboration with Article 22 made from up-cycled melted war shrapnel from Laos. The concept of transformative fashion–taking up-cycled munitions with the intention to harm and transform it into jewelry that supports the local indigenous artisans from Laos–is a perfect example of how fashion can allow consumers to participate in social change and conscious consumerism,” she described in an interview over e-mail, continuing, “I also asked Bebe Moratti of  the fashion brand Redemption to dress me. I appreciate his rebel attitude in fashion, and that he gives 50% of his profits to charity. I believe that creatives in fashion have the ability to influence major change through sustainability, and in the business practices of giving back with transparency. It allows consumers to have an impact with their buying power.”

After tonight, Angela’s likeness will not only stand amongst other fashion icons but with their collection of some 450 other wax honorees. Angela list the likes of Toulouse Lautrec, The Pope, Obama, Princess Diana, Steve Jobs, President Macron, “and, of course, many stars like Leonardo DiCaprio!” as most inspiring and exciting Grévin compatriots that her figure will share the museum with. “It is pretty wild to stand next to myself as a wax statue! It is surreal to look into the eyes and face of yourself and I never realized what a large frame of a woman I am! I’ll be in Paris, one of my favorite cities on the planet, forever!”

Certified in yogic science and nutrition, Angela is currently working on a digital platform “Peace Begins In Me” and creating online courses to inspire individual self-transformation and inner peace. “I believe through becoming the highest version of ourselves–collectively we change the world,” she says.


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