Sean O'Pry

Justin Petzschke

Rhys Pickering

Darwin Gray

Jeremy Santucci

Chris Moore, Frederik Ruegger, and Justin Petzschke

Diego Miguel

Dillon Westbrock and Alexander Johansson

Jordan Paris

Evandro Soldati and Francisco Lachowski

Ryan Tift

Yuri Pleskun and Youssouf Bamba

Alexander Johansson, Dillon Westbrock, and Yuan Bo

Conor Fay

Jeremy Santucci and Mateo Videla

Andrea Denver

Darwin Gray

Conor Fay and John Hein

Francisco Lachowski

Jordan Paris

Axel Kwenkeu

Jacob Hankin

Ryan Keating and Dominik Sadoch

Kit Butler

Oumar Diouf and Youssouf Bamba

Rhys Pickering

Jacob Hankin

John Todd

Ben Jordan

Francisco Lachowski

Dominik Sadoch

Chad White

Last night, with the sun setting across the Hudson over New Jersey, guests were packing into the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum on Manhattan’s West Side to celebrate the fifteenth anniversary of Jeffrey Fashion Cares, the annual charity event supporting the Elton John AIDS Foundation, Hetrick-Martin Institute, and Lambda Legal, hosted this year by the actress Judith Light. Chefs served rice and noodles straight from the wok and bartenders poured out vodka generously as the attendees, including Diane von Furstenberg, Sean O’Pry, and Tan France and Antoni Porowski from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy milled about and bid on the silent auction. As always, the night culminated in a fashion show of forty top models dressed in of-the-minute designer pieces straight from the racks of Jeffrey some thirty blocks south, with plenty of shimmer, shine, and, of course, skin.

Take a look at Kevin Tachman‘s backstage shots above.

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