The Board: These are the new girls Premier London is ready to launch this season

In an ongoing series of features, newfaces has selected multiple newbies from a singular agency to highlight. Say hi to the women’s new faces board at Premier Model Management, London — these are the girls ready to be launched during the Spring/Summer 2019 season.

Photographer/Creative Director – Paul Rowland
Studio Stylist – Saranne Woodcroft
Location Stylist – Lucy Bower
Production – Simone Barten
Hair Stylist – Cathy Ennis
Makeup – Bunny Hazel Clarke
Digital Technician – Louis Headlam
Photographic Assistants – Phil Bradley & Matt Lloyd
Stylist Assistant – Emily Gallagher
Hair Assistant – Rachel Bartlett

The Board


Name: Selma Lunde Fjæstad
Age: 21
Hometown: Melbourne
How discovered: My friend’s mum used to work for Chadwick Models in Melbourne and she scouted me!
Best feature: My eyes
Fun fact: There are only a dozen people in the world with my surname!

Name: Kukua Williams
Age: 22 (April 17th)
Hometown: Huddersfield.
How discovered: I was scouted at a music festival in May this year. I was celebrating the end of my exams and it was the last thing I expected to happen – but I’m so glad it did!
Best feature: I would say my best feature is my hair. It took me a while to embrace my natural Afro, but now it’s part of my identity and it is always a talking point.
Fun fact: I love to write. One creative outlet for me is by blogging. I currently write a blog about what it’s like to be mixed race in 2018, and general life experiences growing up being from a mixed heritage background.

Name: Iona Anderson
Age: 19
Hometown: York
How discovered: I was wandering around a small seaside town called Scarborough eating an ice cream about to go to an outdoor concert when Bunny, a Premier scout, approached me!
Best feature: Probably my huge mane of ringlets
Fun fact: I can tap dance to a professional level and my ultimate goal in life in the end is to end up a paediatric nurse.

Name: Ikram Abdi Omar
Age: 22
Hometown: Bristol, but live in London now
How discovered: Scouted in Bristol
Best feature: Eyebrows
Fun fact: I’m a henna artist.