Andy / Marilyn Paris (2)
Model of the Week

Into cooking, Chanel, and writing children’s books, Andy Nagy, 20, from Hungary, is the latest newcomer to nab Model of the Week.

Jordy / image courtesy I Am ELK (1)
Daily Duo

The jury is smiling and the verdict is in – Dutch law student Jordy is definitely a winner!

Rian / image courtesy I Am ELK (1)
Daily Duo

This is the boy who makes heads turn.

Charlene / image courtesy No Toys (1)
Daily Duo

Charlene was signed after an agency spotted her stunning Facebook profile picture.

Liam / image courtesy Elite Toronto (1)
Daily Duo

Liam is the boy next door gone high fashion.

Liam / image courtesy Ice Model Management (2)
Daily Duo

Liam has the wayward, angsty vibe that James Dean perfected.

Ena / polaroid courtesy Midikenn (3)
Daily Duo

Ena exudes pure natural beauty.

Talis / image courtesy Metropolitan (11)
Daily Duo

This Belgian babe heralds the return of the statuesque blonde.

Christopher / image courtesy Fashion (3)
Daily Duo

The embodiment of effortless sophistication, Caribbean charmer Christopher will be heading to Milan for the shows in June.

Dino / image courtesy Fashion (1)
Daily Duo

We get a distinctly cinematic bad boy leading man vibe from Bosnian boy Dino.

Jorrit / polaroid courtesy Q7 (5)
Daily Duo

This brand new boy is set to make his debut on a major catwalk this weekend.

Adam / image courtesy M&P (3)
Daily Duo

This Mancunian is mint!

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