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image courtesy Andy Models
Daily Duo

Thales is another body beautiful Brazilian.

Daniel / image courtesy Fly Models Mgt
Daily Duo

Daniel goes from bookish to buff in the click of a lens.

Diandra / polaroid courtesy Allure
Daily Duo

Diandra walked in 14 shows at Sao Paulo Fashion Week.

Taina / image courtesy Allure Agency
Daily Duo

Taina is from the boundless beauty hub of Brazil.

Elen / image courtesy DPS
Daily Duo

This Brazilian has a body beyond belief!

João / polaroid courtesy Ragazzo Model Management
Daily Duo

With a face so fantastically fine, João is certain to find his niche.

Murilo / image courtesy OXX Agency
Daily Duo

We’re not the only ones who think Murilo is maravilhoso!

Maya / image courtesy OXX Agency
Daily Duo

Maya has a commanding presence that is gasp worthy.

Lucas / image courtesy IT Models
Daily Duo

This self confessed nerd loves comic books and sci fi.

Raquel / image courtesy Allure Agency (2)
Daily Duo

Raquel is bringing the Brazilian beat back.

Renata / IMG (2)
Model of the Week

A fan of Coldplay, swing dancing, and popcorn, Renata Scheffer, 21, from Rio, is the latest newcomer to nab Model of the Week,

Victoria / image courtesy ELO Management (5)
Daily Duo

A girl absorbed by computer role playing games, Victoria is about to level up!

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