News/Updates: Oh snap! It’s Kamila!


Gorgeous Brazilian Kamila Hansen was featured on Daily Duo back in May, and since then she has walked in her first ever fashion week, for designers including Marchesa, Behnaz Sarafpour and Byblos. Since then she’s also signed with Ford Models NY, Elite Paris and View Management Barcelona. Here are her latest snaps and tests. Too beautiful!

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  • beautiful new face here, great discovery

  • Buci

    Hilary Rhoda look alike

  • Attractive and solid beauty for sure, an interesting model for the kind she is; I honestly expected she would have had a pretty more bulky book now (not talking about these, but generally her book), but… well, so far, what she did, she certainly did well and convincing.

  • maddie

    Hilary Rhoda + Julia Saner =Kamila

  • DM

    Hilary rhodaCrystal Renn! she looks cool

  • mark

    Hilary Rhoda, Crystal Renn and Brooke Shields mixture. UH-MAH-ZING

  • Yasmin

    nice! she could have cut off that tag in her bra though… ;-)

  • Mimi

    Very exotic and pretty.

  • Rebecca

    Brazilian people are beautiful-i should know since im half,lol.
    Well anyways she is really breathtaking!

  • Clementine

    Hilary Rhoda! Except maybe more editorial-suited… hmmm definitely promising anyway.

  • Nossa Senhora que menina linda! Ainda bem que é brasileira! Eita país fantástico o nosso! Próxima Gisele com certeza.

  • Mirko C.P.

    Kamila is already MORE than a simple NEWface model… She gives light & life to dresses …She brings light… she owns a KIND OF MAGIC only few models own… Future is in her hands… Hope she’ll make right choices.
    By the way, I’m quite sure she signed also for Fashion Model Management agency in Milan, Italy.

  • beleza


  • Gorgeous clean, exotic look…I like these new photos of her as well!

  • stunning!!!!!!!!!!!

  • So beautiful!

  • BRAZILLLLL!!!!!!
    Simply beautiful…