Lovely Linn Arvidsson, featured on Daily Duo back in March, has gorgeous new polaroids. She’s also now signed to DNA Models in NY.

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  • a great model here! beautiful look!
    looking forward to see her tearsheets!

  • Her new Polaroids and test shots are amazing. She is much better with her expression and body language now.
    can’t wait to see how she will do in F/W 2011.

  • so special! loveee! cant wait to c her work!

  • One of the best new faces @ Mika’s, and generally a very interesting one. I think she has to work hard and wait a little, but I’m convinced her potentialities are noteworthy and really remarkable. A little development, and this gaze (and mere body presence too) may leave you simply astonished…

  • S.

    I’m extremely excited about this girl. I loved her face and her color since the moment I saw the first polaroids, and I’m very happy that she got into DNA. I think it was a very good choice.
    I can’t wait to dee what this girl can do. I also wonder how she’d look on the runway.

  • What a beauty! I love the way she looks, so natural without makeup and so real, with that exotic blond hair and blond brows. I hope she doesn’t change that look and start throwing on tons of make up and other goop.

  • redredruby78

    Very striking. Reminds me of Caroline Winberg….

  • Yasmin

    reminds me of hannah holman … but linns hair is extremely white (a bit like an albino, no?)
    She has def. great potential and ic an see her on many catwalks and also in campaigns !
    good luck to her!

  • she looks even more amazing these days , full of potential and in good hands :O !!!!

  • maddie

    She reminds of an icier version of Hannah Holman. Very cool.

  • Wow! Just beautiful

  • raffy

    younger version of caroline winberg

  • caitlin bellah

    I remembered seeing her a while back on Mica’s and thinking she had an incredible look. She really is a unique looking girl!

  • Linn is beyond stunning.