Former MOTW Valerie van der Graaf is looking mighty fine in the latest campaign for Topshop Make-Up.

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  • JJ

    She has a Natalia Vodianova look to her, absolutely beautiful.

  • oh yes, we definetly remember her. a stunner no question about that. there is something “pin Up” about her.

  • Lala

    Agree, she resembles Natalia Vodianova and Valerie Van Der Graaf:

    Still gorgeous!

  • Lala

    OH IT IS VALERIE, my bad! lolol

  • jessica stam,natalia vodianova crazy mix with purple eyes

  • I don’t think this is her best so far, but… if this is a good chance to talk about her, it’s absolutely welcome! Valerie is really special and awesome “editorial material”.

  • gorgeous!

  • That’s the best what could happen for her. Valeria has everything and an amazing face. Topshop with her looks good

  • She looks soooo pretty!! Topshop is a perfect fit for her! Can’t wait to see more. xxxoxoxoxooxoxo

  • marc

    she looks gorgeous but not like Natalia Vodianova at all me she looks like Anabela B

  • Kate B.

    100% Natalia Vodianova.very very nice girl!

  • She is so pretty !!! :-)

  • totally looks like natalia vodianova but striking face!!!

  • kaka

    honestly, i dont like seeing these photoshoped photos
    i like the polaroids best
    so we can see some reality

  • bob h.