News/Updates: Gentleman George


Former Daily Duo/MOTW feature George Pantelakis is looking especially sharp in this new editorial for new Greek magazine Dapper Dan.

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  • He looks fine

  • UPEN

    hi the pitcur is wonderfull the model is handsome and sexy

  • His features are so strong! Love the look of Dapper Dan as well!

  • Erika

    Features too strong I think….. don’t like the jawline. Otherwise, fine.

  • Dimitris

    Meh… I don’t really like him. Not the greatest skin and he seems a little boring to me

  • Xavier

    He has very striking features and accentuates the theme of the photo very well.

  • beachboyy101

    Looks old school, very nice.

  • YMCA

    his scars are actually good looking!

  • Lisa

    Good looking,jaw line a little shape though.

  • Toast

    He has such defined features; such a beautiful face. He would look good in anything, I bet. Although… Sometimes people would look better without anything. ;)