As evidenced in these steamy shots by Skye Tan, former Daily Duo feature Dmytro is bringing some serious heat to Singapore. We saw Dmytro’s potential before, but now with his book getting stronger this boy will only gather momentum.

  • I’m speechless!

  • Erika

    OMG perfect body!!

  • Ney Almeida

    OMG! He is perfect.

  • YES, he is perfect! Just wish that he wasn’t shave to look a boy who has not yet reached puberty… Still very handsome

  • Verona


  • beachboyy101

    Good face.

  • GP

    Gorgeous!! He is a male model should be

  • Random

    I love the ants print on his underwear :P

  • Oh My Mother F……..Im so in love with this model.His face his eyes straight and confident.FIERCE.Im Speechless .love this

  • Chrisna

    Got speechless & melted! Love those stacks of Rosario.


  • brucegisele

    the next mark vanderloo… if he works hard …. very impressive

  • Rick from Tampa

    About as hot as it gets

  • so beatiful man,i love her

  • Matt

    he should be huge right now! what an amusing face & body!

  • privat nya

    i`m a male modele too in africa,all i can say now is very big upfor your model carrer. potential is there.

  • He looks like he worked out a bit since the polaroids I last saw, wow! Beautiful expression, beautiful body

  • slade

    that nose could be a problem

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