Alex Nestor

Argentina’s Alex Nestor has come along in leaps and bounds since being featured on Daily Duo in December 2009. In Milan he signed with 2morrow model and walked in Alexander McQueen’s last menswear show. He has also shot plenty of impressive editorial, including one alongside Johannes Niermann photographed by Cristina Capucci for TheOnes2Watch. Check out his new photos on his profile.

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  • The Zohan

    so hes from argentina but hes white right?

    • Um, his family origins are Italian/Polish/German.

  • Ronald

    hahahah, I mean please!!! there’s nothing to do that the fact that he is from Argentina, he should be white.
    In all latinamerican countries there are white people too,but dont think we are aboriginous or something cause not all of us are

  • Sham

    Yeah, Argentina is like the most caucasian country on earth

  • michael

    The first comment is so utterly stupid, and written by someone with zero knowledge of Argentina or Latin America for that matter.

    Anyway, Alex is striking.

  • The Zohan

    Hey michael go to another forum if you think what I wrote was stupid what I said is is relavent because he is white and he just happens to live in argentina so close it!

  • Vinnie

    Alex is fantastic. I love the intensity in his stare, and the bones in his face are just perfect.
    I’m not surprised he’s blonde. Carla Ghebart is argentinian and she’s blond too.
    I really hope to see more from him in the future.

  • guilherme

    love his bones

  • Very nice fashionmodel!!

  • It should be said that this picture was shot by David Surowiecki. I hope someone updates the post to include that!

  • Erika

    Sorry, just don’t understand the allure here……..

  • Blah

    Yep.. hes white and Argentinian.. the fact that he’s latin american doesn’t mean he’s got to be like i don’t know, black or aboriginous or anything like that AT ALL … we’re just people!
    But there’s a dark side on this.. if I try to explain I would have to write A LOT.. I’m from Argentina

  • Armen

    Hey zohan it actually is not relavent at all. You know why? Because people are people. It is as simple as that. is recognizing this guy for his modeling skills, we are not here discuss the color of his skin.

  • linda

    im Argentine and I dont look like the typical hispanic..but he is gorgeous!

  • Nick Vaughn

    Im Colombian-Brazilian, “latino”, but my moms side is Colombian of German descent.

    There are many different people in South America but we are all latinos.

  • Yael

    amazing!! i think i have found my new favorite male model!!

  • Mariano

    hahahaha that’s SO ABSURD! More than 90% of the people in Argentina are white from european descent, that’s way more than in the states.

  • danny lee

    kick ass dude!

    the first comment is the most absurd thing i read in the whole week. i’m from argentina and i’m more white than the god damn milk. beside, people are people!

  • First comment is really stupid and ignorant, Argentina is in South America but is completely european country, so for the first comment i suggest to the guy wrote this stupid comment that read books, Argentina was occupied but english and french and then in 1 and 2 worlwide wars all the european when Europe was poor and destroyeed by wars move to Usa and Argentina so all the people in Argentina are european mixture race from french, english, irish, italians, germans, polish, dutch, danish, austrian, spanish,etc. Regarding Alex he looks amazing and he has all to be on the top, we love this boy!viva Argentinian models!

  • Ana

    Another editorial of Alex:

  • Dave

    Wow! Nice one! I’m so surprised he’s from South America!

  • Luciano

    @Zohan: You, sir, are a troll. And we all fell for it. Good one.
    @others: being from Argentina myself, and looking almost like this fellow upstairs, I can safely say that neither him or me represent the demographics of my country. The inmense majority of our people are as you would say “hispanic” or “non white”. Case closed.

  • ELY

    i love him… he is so cool, and so fresh… he is a pretty face, but with an edge… i like his shoot, he looks very relaxed very cool… love the angular body, so elegant.


  • Vale R.

    Im from Buenos Aires and I know this guy!! I saw him in the street many times, I think we live in the same neiborhood. I like him a lot, i love his sense of style, so original.
    Go Argentina!!

  • Max


  • Karo

    He’s from my country and was born the same day I did XD

  • he is kinda cute.there is somethin striking about this guy