News/Updates: Rising Romee

Dutch babe Romee Trouw is looking fabulous in her editorials for Glamour UK and Glamour France, and on the cover of Lolita magazine – all of which she shot just a few weeks after signing with an agency. We featured her back in October on Daily Duo, and things are moving so fast it will be interesting to see where she will be this time next year!

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  • evr

    gorgeous! can’t wait to see more of her!

  • erika

    Cute but I’m not seeing anything that special in her..

  • Taan Visser

    She looks very talented and great in these pictures. Maybe I’m not a big fan of her nose, but nevertheless it’s still a real nice nose!! Great to see that she can look already that great after just starting, I wish her the best and hope to see much more great work of this dutch beauty : )

  • I like her flawless grace, and what I adore even more is the fact behind such an adorable face there’s a lot more…

  • Christina

    In some photos she resembles Rosie Huntington!

  • Lovely girl!

  • m

    so cute. love her nose and eyebrows

  • Hannah

    shes adorable

  • Very Beautiful

  • Kayla

    I love her unique look I’m definetley interested in modeling and so many people tell me I have the features and I look like one but my height. I’m only 5’5 .5 and my doctor thinks I’m done growing , do you think I could really make it out there I mean modeling is by far my dream .

  • Ada

    Shes gorgeous! She has a different look and thats great! Her eyes are amazing.



  • ooo… intoxicating eyes ! @Kayla, Dont mean to upset u but I guess the minimum expected height for a fashion model is 5.8 Feet. If you got the talent and looks you could look into commercial modeling. Still good money and recognition. Goodluck.

  • I see a bit of Gemma and Rosie, I like her!

  • Nice.