News/Updates: Honorable Mentions Pt 5

David Schwartz @ Quantum 7 Model Management / 6’2″ / German
This ultra studious boy was discovered at a student party and signed to Quantum 7 Model Management, an agency fast gaining a reputation for finding some of Germany’s hottest boys. Placed with VNY, Fashion Milan and Bananas Paris, we expect to see David on the catwalk in 2012 – until then David will be busy hitting the gym and hitting the books!

Jacob Purvis @ Nous Model Management / 6’3″ / American
Discovered at Six Flags Magic Mountain amusement park, Jacob is a unique looking Californian boy who Nous is very excited about. He stirred up some impressive interest during the men’s shows, so we’ll be watching to see where he turns up next!

Meng @ SMG MODEL MANAGEMENT (Guangzhou)> / 5’8.5″ / Chinese
From the Hubei Province in Central China, Meng (aka Zheng Xiaomeng) started modelling a few years ago at the age of seventeen. Now based in Guangzhou, she’s quickly become one of the region’s most popular models, an accomplishment she puts down to her passion for performing. We love this girl’s super pout, and the way she transitions so easily from cute and commercial to haughty and high fashion.

Oxana Moiseeva @ Major Model Management / 5’9.5″ / Russian
Cute as a button Oxana has gone from a life dedicated to studying World Economics to life as a world traveler. Currently in New York, Oxana lives in Paris, where, when she’s not walking at a couture show, she’s learning French and intending on finishing her studies. So forget model/musicians, model/actors and model/photographers, this girl is a future model/economist!

Zoe Willim @ eq models / 5’9.5″ / German
There’s something about Zoe that we find intriguing. This young Dusseldorf native is still very new to the game, and hasn’t much in her portfolio yet, but we see something in her that makes us very eager to see how she grows and progresses as a model. Watch this space!

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  • kElsey

    I love Oxana her face is so unusual and child like in the best possible way!!!!!

  • W

    Zoe rocks that blue gown !!!

  • redemptn

    Ohhhh my gosh zoe is drop dead gorgeous…..GO Germany

  • Lesley

    I like Zoe & David very much! Best Luck

  • daniel

    what a great selection!!! they are all super awesome!!! I thought Meng is with Major NY no???

  • Jacob and Zoe are both amazing! Wish them all careers of success!

  • monroe

    Jacob has an Amazing look!

  • jacob. yes.

  • My new favourite are: David Schwartz, Meng and Zoe Willim. Definitely hoping the best for those three!!

    Amby of art8amby

  • GP

    David and Zoe are amazing but all fo them are good.

  • gVT

    Jacob is such the all American look!!! Amazingly handsome!

  • Modelfan11

    All the models are cool here. I love Jacob’s look the most. He is fresh looking and has something that stands out from all the rest. Nous always has the best new guys out of LA. I think Meng is also quite stunning and will do well!

  • Yomama